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Our Method

Joinly consists of 3 main components that work together in order to facilitate conversations and to ensure the sustainable and scalable growth of projects to find an answer to the question:


How can we find a way to connect and ensure that more transdisciplinary, student-found startups succeed in the long-term?

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Online Community

We are creating an active Slack channel with students from different universities where we inspire each other, grow ideas, collaborate, and share opportunities.


Our Website/Project Space

Student founders or teams can post their project and needs to find new team members with different talents to grow their ideas, and we provide curious and passionate students a place to browse through different projects.

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Mentorship, Pre-accelerator Program & Funding

We work as a pre-accelerator program as we help you find team members and create the initial startup idea. We will be providing you with help and connections to in-person accelerator programs and funding.

Why we do what we do

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"Having national network of growth marketers on different campuses would be extremely helpful in spreading my idea but also getting diverse feedback to make a better product."

– Cameron, CEO of Parrot

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"Joinly was what I needed to find my cofounder. Without Joinly's help, I could not have found my current partner."

– Max, Founder of VitalTechnologies

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"Joinly is what I needed to find my current startup. I loved working with the team at Joinly and having them help find me the education startup I was interested in becoming a part of."

– Isabella, student at the University of Pennsylvania

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