About Joinly

connecting creators to creators

Joinly is an online community of creative students and a project space that connects the most talented, student founders to entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, and researchers.

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Our Story

Joinly was initially inspired by what we like to call "the lone nut analogy." A very weird name for an analogy, right? This analogy comes from Derek Sivers' three-minute TED talk on how to start a movement. He claims that there are three essential factors that make a movement:

1. “a bold leader, aka, a lone nut”

2. “a courageous first follower”

3. “the capacity of the leader to treat his or her followers as equals”

We decided that these three factors are also essential for the success of startups. So, as Joinly, we promise that when you are a "lone nut," we'll have your backs by helping you find your first followers.

Our Team

We are a group of like-minded students from Duke University and Columbia University aiming to challenge the status quo in the student entrepreneurship ecosystem, experimenting with, and exploring innovative ways to connect and communicate to create an impact in our community. We're more than excited to reach out to different colleges; feel free to contact us with anything!

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